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My cousin asked, "What is prison really like?" Simple question. Complicated answer. We have all seen movies, TV, and read books about prison. I decided they were all correct and at the same time all wrong. Leaving my cousin without an answer I decided to share my experience and observations as a man serving a life sentence who was trying to conduct himself as a Christian. Born from this idea came A Year in a Life Sentence. This book does not focus on the violence that occurs within prison but the inner struggle to remain sane in a crazy, world turned upside down environment. I also decided that although this book could inspire other inmates to seek a path of betterment it would be for the law-abiding citizen. My hope is for change. Change in opinion. Change in attitude toward incarceration. I do not offer solutions. I offer insight with the desire that those who make decisions regarding criminal justice can make better ones. Additionally, this book is a testament to God's protection while I walked through the valley of the shadow of death.

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