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Where did A Thundering Wind come from? It began in the middle. Meaning I wondered what it would be like for a child to believe her only parent committed a terrible crime. How far would that child go to protect the parent? With this thought in mind and setting the scene in the marshes south of Havre de Grace, it took me several hundred pages to reach the critical moment. As a writer, justifying the character's acts is vital to the integrity of the character. I have discovered that as I develope each character in a story, they do take on a life of their own. I may guide them through the story to reach a specific outcome, but will let me know whether or not I can have them do a certain thing. Is the thing within their character? If not, I violate the very character that I created. It may sound a bit crazy but for me, when I reach this state, I know my character lives and will be believeable.

When I typed the last lines in A Thundering Wind I sat back satisfied and somewhat amazed that dreams do come true. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please let me know your thoughts.

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