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The majority of writers find a genre and stick with it so they can develope a loyal following who know what to expect. This is comforting to most readers. I on the other hand want my readers to be adventurous. I want you to be a risk taker. I want you to come to each of my books with a strong sense of curiosity for the story that will unfold before you. The genre may be something that you have never read or thought about before and may even cause you to pause. This is the moment you step out of your comfort zone to discover a world, that if I have done my job well, will captivate you and justify the risk-taker within you.


This extraordinary tale, highlighting the incredible migrations of many dwindling species, is set in the marsh south of the quaint town of Havre de Grace, Maryland, the heart of American history. A reader will discover many notable characters of our country's illustrious past. However, it is the everyday man, the hunter, oysterman, tavern owner, and planter that create the tapestry of the honorable to the rapscallion. Each character, toiling by whatever means available; by wit, wisdom, hook, and by crook, strive to better their uncertain futures. A Thundering Wind is a look at a way of life that has been long lost in today's modern world but showcases that courageous spirit that lives within all of us.



Sentenced to 34-years to life, the author shares his daily walk on a California prison yard while struggling to co-exist with rapists, child molesters, gang members, and other murderers. A Year in a Life Sentence is a candid look behind the barbed wire topped walls and steel doors to a world where getting along is usually discarded for anything goes and survival of the fittest, cuningest, and cruelest. Within these pages, the author shows that it is possible to seek God's grace, strength and enlightenment in every situation.  As a Christian, the path we walk will never be smooth, and obstacles abound to test one's faith, but if we possess even a small measure of faith and depend on the Lord throughout, even if we falter and fall, we will overcome, and like Christ, rise again.




Mascarading as a man, a disfigured woman captains the misfit crew of the Susquehanna, a gunning scow plying the wildfowl rich waters of the upper Chesapeake Bay. While catering to the elite hunters, the captain and crew struggle to overcome prejudice and self-loathing brought about by life experiences and tragedy. Although not a sequel to A Thundering Wind, readers will be familiar with several characters who as an old wildfowler might say, "They add spice to the goose stew." 

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