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I am a writer that believes the details matter. It is the little things in life and in my characters and in the story that enriches the experience regardless of the joy in it or the struggle to overcome it.


My stories, as with my life, reflect the human spirit and the drive to rise above adversity. I speak of challenges self-imposed or brought about by the world which can be unpredictable, cruel, and without explanation.


As a Christian, it is a privilege to 'get real' about my failures, but also to celebrate successes while giving credit to God. If a reader of my books pays close attention they will find subtext to the glory of God without being preachy. I have been blessed in my walk and believe that my ability to tell a story comes from listening to the indefinable.


With each word I place on the page it is my goal to provide the reader with an experience that will remain with them, is thought provoking, and is a reminder that within us is a resiliant spirit. 


In addition to listening to God I appreciate the interaction with my readers. Many times they discover aspects of the story that I missed even though I wrote it.

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